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Sometime in the next year (so, NOT immediately), I'd like to upgrade my system. I'd like to upgrade to an eight core system. I do know I'd be able to make use of all eight cores.

Presumably, I'd need a motherboard that supports two quad-core CPUs. It should also support at least 8 GB of RAM. Additionally, I need at least one 16x PCIe and a 4x PCIe slot, though I'd much prefer at least two 16x PCIe slots with sufficient separation. I'm not planning on running SLI, though I do currently have an 8800 GTX video card and a 3Ware 9650 PCIe-4 RAID card (along with seven hard drives) that I'd be bringing over.

I'm really not overly concerned as to whether I'd go AMD or Intel for the CPUs, though I'd prefer to stay away from the $1000 CPUs.

Now, I'm pretty sure there's nothing like this now. Any pointers to what I should keep my eye on for sometime in 2008?
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  1. No dual socket boards, except for servers. Phenom will be out in 2-3 months.
  2. 1 word: skulltrail.
  3. Niz is right.. Skulltrail sounds like something you would be looking for in the future. Though speculation is that this board will only be available through Intel and most likely retail ~$400+. Also is Socket 771 (Xeon) with SLI. Keep an eye out Q1 '08. Google it for more information.

    Forget to mention AMD QuadFX, which is out now. Not sure if they are releasing an updated revision for Barcelona w/ HT3.
  4. What about the Intel Xeon DP servers that have been out for over a year? The majority of the new 5000-series chipsets support dual quads (form what I know).

    There are quite a few <$300 on Newegg right now:

    And there are twelve Quad-core CPUs on Newegg (from $235-$1270):

    I'm not sure if these motherboards will support future (45nm) Xeons, but they're available now, and I assume they'll be available when you're prepared to upgrade.
  5. You can buy Dell Precision's right now with 2 x quad xeon cores.
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