Sli with Dual monitors?

I've looked around a little bit but only found old threads on this topic. My question is:
Does dual view work with SLI?
In all the old threads I've found, people say that "no you can't run two monitors in SLI mode without a third video card" and "This may be fixed with future drivers." I'm torn between buying two 22in LCD monitors, or another EVGA 8800GTX. Can someone tell me if the drivers have been fixed or other ways of doing this. Like, how easy is it to turn on and off SLI?

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  1. If its either owning dual monitors, or owning dual videocards, why does it matter?

    I don't have SLI myself but I do have a board that has 3 pci express slots. What you could do is buy a cheap PCI slot videocard if at some point you have SLI AND dual monitors.

    I'm pretty sure its just an option in nVidia control panel though, should not be difficult to switch it off.
  2. Well I have 2 monitors right now and I really like it. so If I did go SLI right now I would still want to use them both. I also would hate to buy both of those nice shinny new monitors and then when I upgrade (or if I upgrade) to SLI, have to not use one :(
  3. SLI on and off is like a click of a button
  4. Quote:
    SLI on and off is like a click of a button

    Oh, Alright, I heard something about restarting every time you switched it. But I guess that would be bearable. It still would be nice to have email or something up on another screen while I am playing a game.
  5. You need Vista or Win 7, but it is possible to do so.
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