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Hey, I've been trying to overclock my E6750 but I'm maxed out at 3.2GHz. Can anyone help me with this?

I've tried everything I know but I think my Motherboard can't handle the FSB, I've tried increasing the FSB voltage and the Northbridge voltage but it doesn't help. I've also replaced the Northbridge cooler with my broken GA-P35-DS3R NB cooler which is a little bigger. Thanks in advance!

CPU- E6750 @3.2GHz w/Tuniq Tower 1.4V
MOBO- GA-P35-DS3L (rev.2, F6 BIOS) idk the voltage
RAM- 2gigs G.Skill ram (F2-6400PHU2-2GBHZ) 2V or 2.1V
GFX Card- 8800gts 320mb
PSU- 650watt Seasonic power supply
Case- Antec 900
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  1. We need voltages I'm afraid before we can comment. Sounds like you need to add to the volts a bit but list them first before turning them up. We need vcore, cpu fsb, nb, sb etc..
  2. I've played with the voltage a lot actually. I've tried maxing out the FSB voltage the Northbridge voltage and putting like 1.5Vcore, nothing works. I've also disabled speedstep and stuff. The problem is that BIOS doesn't tell me exactly what my voltages are its just +1,+2,+3. Vcore is the only voltage that tells me what it is.
  3. Oh also I doubt temperatures are a problem as I am using a Tuniq Tower and while running ORTHOS i only get 42 degrees
  4. Ok what multiplier and fsb are you using to get to 3.2ghz. Have you tried increasing the vcore? this is the main one that needs increasing.

    Also what cooling do you use and what are your temps like?
  5. I'm running 400 FSB 8x multiplier. I've increased the Vcore tons, I can get 3.2Ghz on stock voltage which is 1.35V and I've made it 1.5V before, it doesn't do anything. I'm using a Tuniq Tower getting 42 degrees under load.
  6. I really don't think it's a RAM problem either, I've tried changing the RAM ratio and it's gone up way higher then the stock DDR2 800.
  7. OK well thats not it then. What are your memory settings. Make sure you memory timings are quite loose eg 5 5 5 15. Also what is the RAM : CPU FSB set to eg unlinked or 1:1 or 5:4??
  8. I'm running 1:1 and i've tried loosening the timings since stock is 4-4-4-12 I've tried with 5-5-5-15.
  9. oh sorry we are typing at the same time. still make sure your timings are loose. Also when you say, you can't get past 3.2 ghz, what exactly do you mean. eg does it not boot at all, do you not POST, do you freeze once you are in windows etc???

    Basically where do you crash?
  10. also try setting memory to unlinked
  11. Oh well I can get it to post up to like 3.3GHz but it doesn't go into windows. After that it doesn't even post.
  12. Won't unlinked push my RAM speed super high?
  13. Is there anyone else that can help me in this matter? I would at least like to find out what component in my system of limiting my OC if not succeeding in overclocking further. My goal is to hit 3.6GHz if possible.
  14. If anyone else could help me with this matter? I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks!
  15. I noticed no one answered your confusion on the DDR2 voltage of just +.1,+.2,+.3 etc. I have the same board rev1, the 'default' aka 'normal' setting for DDR2 is 1.8V, just add whatever the settings reads to get the final DDR2 voltage, e.g. if you set DDR2 to +0.4 you will have 2.2V (1.8+.4=2.2V) Make sure your feeding enough Voltage to your RAM or your guaranteed instability. Also make sure your RAM timings are correct, (Press CTRL+F1 in BIOS, screen will flash, now when you go to MIT timings will be listed) If unsure leave to auto. Make sure PCI-E is on 100Mhz exactly. If possibly try to keep your memory closest to 800Mhz as possible if thats what it's rated for. And even more so run the RAM EXACTLY as marked(if it says 800Mhz 4-4-4-12 2.2V run it at that no matter what, in my case I tried running slower speeds looser timings and it actually caused instability, frequency can give a little le-way but try to keep the Voltage and timing exact). Also if your shooting for 3.6Ghz I would skip the bull and start with a voltage of 1.45 V cpu core at the least in the BIOS. Also I personally, but havent totally confirmed yet, that it is technically 'safe' to go a little above 1.5V in the BIOS because of voltage droop. In my case I will not go above 1.53125(I think thats it) because any higher will bring me above 1.5V in windows. But If you can try to avoid going above 1.5V in BIOS.
  16. isn't there a setting in the bios for memory that gives you the option between normal, turbo1, and turbo2? make sure that's at normal. the problem sounds like a memory issue, since 3.2 would have you around the specified 800 and you can't get above that. that's why everyone keeps telling you memory stuff. if none of this works, you might just be the unlucky owner of a low-clocking chip or board
  17. lolerkthx, it's not the board. I have the same board (rev. 2.0 as well) and CPU, overclocked to 3.6 GHz (450 FSB x 8 ), with memory OCed to 900 MHz (Mushkin HP PC2 6400). F5 BIOS. My vcore is at 1.47 volts in BIOS with memory voltage at +.4 volts. Haven't raised the FSB or northbridge voltage at all.

    Make sure you try all the memory suggestions provided in above posts.
  18. Nice OC Coelocanth.

    @OP, have you tried x9? And if you have a fan on the NB try +0.2 to MCH and +0.1 to FSB overvoltage. Keep an eye on NB temps, they can get out of hand fast.
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