Corsair XMS 1066 ram

Iv had 2gb of Corsair xms2 1066 ram for a while now, and oc'd my CPU up to 400mhz and the ram automatically goes to 800mhz so that ram and cpu work together 1:1

Im wondering wether setting it to 1066 would be better, using its full speeds, or if changing the stepping or whatver can be done? Im not too sure about all this RAM stuff.

What would you recommend? I heard leaving it 1:1 is the best, but then when will i use the whole 1066? Any help is welcomed :)

edit* One thing i could try is to lower the multiplier to 533 x6 and have the ram set to 1066
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  1. You can try 1:3 cpu/ram ratio resulting in:

    400mhz cpu
    400 x 3 = 1200mhz ram

    If the ram is good, it should be ok. It may need more voltage to be stable.

    Hearing & seeing are 2 different things. I heard there's no life outside earth. is it true? Why don't you benchmark your 1:1 then 1:3 & see for yourself?
  2. On that note, what is the best way to benchmark my ram and cpu
  3. Prime 95 has torture tests and benchmarks. There's links in the "How To Overclock C2D...." thread
  4. Super Pi Mod & all those hardware info suites like everest, sandra & pc wizard 2008.
  5. Ok well i updated my bios today, and thus had to re-clock my cpu.

    I looked at changing the ram settings, but every time i run it at ddr2-667 (2.1v) and run orthos it gives an error. It only runs in 533 ok. Im not overly sure with ram so whats wrong? This is MILES away from 1066 so im quite angry

    And bios has N/b Strap or something..notsure what to set that as
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