some program EATING up my ram memory please help

I've jst upgraded to 4gb and i noticed my memory usage jst going up and up when i wasnt running anything at all (no viruses). can aynbody point me in the direction of a free app that shows you what is using your ram. Thanks alot everybody who replies.
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  1. you need to post some specs and what os you are running if you really want help. That said I'll take a stab that you are running vista??? if so vista caches the programs you use most to the tune of 25-50% RAM usage.

    hope that helps
  2. spec:

    vista 64bit
    ram 4gb @ 1066 mhz
    intel core duo 2 6800 @ 3.5ghz
    nvidia 8800gtx

    Cheers for info fletch, but running Crysis demo @ max only took 50% of ram i was playing team fortress 2 then stoped and saw my ram memory usage jst go up and up... any software out there ... must be
  3. why not just use the task manager? it tells you ram use. Can even tell you the max ram something uses(as well as the max ram the system has used...)...
  4. svchost used to take up like 300mb of my ram sometimes...only when playing wmp 10 : / Strange. wmp11 doesnt do it anymore.

    Yer check task manager, might be svchost? Dnno dont use vista
  5. i looked at taskmanager and it didnt add up as nothing in there was going up and up but my ram uage was. meaning what ever was eating my ram and thats what it was doing ... having a bloody feast was not showing up in task manager. thanks for sugestions though.
  6. Also ive turned off superfetch and the feature that takes 15% of your most used programs and eats up your harddrive, first day i installed vista 25gb of my hhd jst WENT totaly through me. installed some software that allowed me to see what was using it and i saw that it was windows. please somebody must have some software that tells the user in detail what processes are being used in the ram ??
  7. try this

    made by sysinternals and they make good stuff.....

    Its like the task manager on crack

    Under view -> select columns make sure its set to show ram use and peak ram use

    Fingers crossed....
  8. Cheers man very helpful, for some reason a program dwm.exe is using 100,000 k in that program and only 47,000k in task manager. is task manager broken or is there a reason for this ??
  9. plus can anyone explain why now i've upgraded (for 2 more gigs 2 days ago) why windows is takin the piss with memory alications ?
  10. dwm.exe (Microsoft Desktop Window Manager) it does stuff like the aero 3d interface. You can turn off the aero theme to save some memory...

    Please explain what you mean by "why windows is takin the piss with memory alications"? is it slow? or just taking allot of memory?

    Windows will cache more if you have more ram in an attempt to speed up application launches. I am not sure if this can be turned off because i still use XP(waiting on Vista SP1)....
  11. Windows always tries to allocate memory based on physical memory(RAM)+ virtual memory (HDD "swap file") + software priority. However, where XP, and even Vista 32bit, limit the amounts of RAM available to various programs (due to the 32 bit addressing issue), Vista 64 doesn't have this problem. There, Vista 64 tries to maximise physical memory usage, which is much faster than virtual memory.

    For instance, if your listening to an MP3 and surfing the 'net, and you have an anti-virus software running in the background, the OS "sees" that your not using much memory. Therefore, it will allow all the other programs to use more physical memory and reduce the amount of "swapping" to and from the HDD. However, once you fire up that 3D shooter, it will "shrink" all the background tasks, which is basically what the "swap file" is for, and makes room for all the game files to be loaded into memory. Once you quit the game, the OS allows things to re-expand into memory as needed.

    Does this help?
  12. i was under the understanding that superfetc etc... were theprograms that cache programs u sed alot. sorry when i say taken dapiss i mean when i had 2 gb it work super fine now i upgrade for crysis 2 4 gb and i processes lik dwm.exe use twise as much memory as they did before (personally i didnt actauly noticeit when running with 4 gb) but taking up nearly 150k is a lot and i knwo it didnt take up that much before.

    Does anyone know why [...] lorer.mspx program shows double the amout that task manager shows for each program etc team fortress uses 500eta K while that program shows nearly 100 K being used by the same program. boh r on the microsoft website so they should be good ? ne comments ?
  13. @ ashodd - you got me there....

    @ Rripperr - Better then i can explain it :)
  14. Yeah i think you guys are probably right. its just i thought superfech was the program that did that. Cheers for inputs.
  15. so do common(browser media apps ect) apps load faster?
  16. well before i upgraded they opened as soon as you clicked on them so it couldnt really get any faster. It seems to be programs like dwm.exe adnd explorer that are taking double the amount of ram as they did before and i dnt understand.
  17. they are just taking all they need so they do not have to load later. should cut down on any kind of pausing/slow downs....

    Come on SP1 so i can give that a try.....
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