Getting ready for new SLI gaming, need help with settings.

I just recently installed my 2nd BFG Tech nVidia 512 OC 7950GT Video card along with an ASUS SLI bridge. Both cards has the 163.71 drivers and have my SLI configuration set to "Enable SLI technology". Now I'm trying to test and see if everything is working as it should, so I went to (Can you run it) and selected BioShock. The program saw everything on my PC, but my 2nd 7950GT 512. After the test the program gave me this for my Video setting:

You Have: NVIDIA GeForce 7950 GT (GeForce 7950 GT) PASS
Video Card Features - You have - 512.0 MB
Video Card 3D Acceleration: You have - Yes
Video HW Transform & Lighting: You have - Yes
Vertex Shader Ver.: Required - You have - 3.0
Pixel Shader Ver.: Required - You have - 3.0

I was more hoping to see:
You Have: TWO Nvidia GeForce 7950 GT running at 512 each (1024 MB)

If someone could please shine some light on this subject for me...trying to get ready for Crysis and Unreal Tournament 3. What I really want to know is their a program/software that will detect to see if my PC is taking full control of SLI. I have these two cards connected to a ASUS SLI FLEX bridge on a ASUS M2N SLI Deluxe Mobo, powered by a Toughpower 700Watt ps and 2.0GB RAM in dual channel. Both cards are reading in the Device Manager in PCI Slot 5 & 10 are working properly. What methods do I need to take in order to both my cards in action.

AMD ATHLON 64 5600 Dual Core 2.8GHz
ASUS M2N SLI Deluxe nforce570
2 Corsiar's 1.0 GB RAM Dual Channel
2 BFG TECH 7950GT 512MB OC's
ToughPower 700W power supply
Windows XP Home SP2
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  1. SLI doesnt double the memory , plz read my guide about SLI/CrossFire ,
    2x7950GT still have 512mb memory :
  2. Thank You Maziar, I competely understand SLI better now.
  3. glad u found it useful :)
  4. Surprising that nvidia havent been able to get eh ememory to add using SFR or something.
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