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Well hello all, this is my first post on this website!

I recently updated my computer from Windows 7 to Win8, and I used the option "Keep files and folders". So, I was expecting Windows to keep my software and programs too!

Searching in my computer, I found this folder "Windows.old", containing all I was looking for. I started to copy my programs and application data to my main Program Files folder, but I can't find a way to flag these files as "totally" installed on my computer.

For example, if I try to open a .psd file, it says "Cannot find the right program to use with this file extension".
I know, I could just re-assign the extension to the program but I would also like them to appear in the Programs and Features section of the Control Panel!

Is there a way to totally retrieve (like if they were installed) my old apps or just do I need to reinstall each of them one by one?

Thanks for your answers :)

Shawn B.
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  1. I'm afraid that's pretty much impossible to do. You'll need to reinstall them.

    P. S. I thought Windows 8 didn't launch yet?
  2. Thanks for the fast answer!

    And yeah, I think Win8 isn't available in stores for the moment, I just got it virtually from TechNet (thanks to my dad for this) :D

    Well it's gonna be long but I'll just reinstall... Hope they make that kind of software one day 'cause this is becoming a problem :/
  3. Well, one of the reasons they don't do that is because many people use reinstalling windows for cleaning up, as it cleans up everything and fast :D
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