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Hello I'm a PC Technician/Software Developer for a company. Someone recently brought in a laptop that was infected like crazy with worms and rootkits. Now I'm not sure if the worm is still there, but every time any virus scanner reaches clb.dll in c:\windows\system32\ the computer locks up.

Now I've done some research on clb.dll, apparently Worm:W32/Morto.A drops a dll into that folder making regedit use that one instead of another one?? That is what I got from my research. So when I delete clb.dll, regedit won't start then. Once I delete it I run sfc /scannow to restore the missing dll to fix the regedit startup. Once restored the virus scanners still lockup.

I need some help to get this computer back up and running for Monday. Share your opinions and thoughts.

If you need a hijackthis scan done on the computer let me know, I'll post the log file.
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