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i have two sata drives, but one wont reconize when going to install windows. At first i installed the drive with the current one i have running but it did not reconize. Therefore i formated my harddrive and went to install windows but it dose not show my secound drive? any reason why?

if i disconnect my main harddrive the other will shows. This also happen when i do it the otehr way round and plug my secound drive in and not my first.

Any clues?

I have sort of had an issue with my board not knowing 100% where the sata cables go as the book sata layout is diffrent than the actual motherboard. However i do believe i tried all possible ways, slaves and masters.

Any one help


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  1. are you sure the M/B is good, you've done all the normal things so it's more of a guess
  2. I had the same problem when I build my new rig a month ago, In Vista x 64 couldn't see my second HDD neither in Administration Tools, nor explorer.

    Actually it was a problem having my USB Wireless Mouse plugged in while installing Vista, I did one install only with my PS2 Keyboard plugged and plugged the USB mouse once in Vista and the problem was gone.

    First when your BIOS Posts, does it show all your HDD?
    Since then I had other problem with BSoD sometimes when I have to do a Hard reset of my PC first next BIOS Post it will not detect one of the HDD. Weird????

    What is your MoBo? Mine is ASUS P5K-E wifi and it looks that SATA Plugs are very sensitive, on mine I couldn't use the #1 plug, never worked!
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