won't post after attempted RAM swap

I bought 2 new 1GB memory sticks to replace my existing 2x 512MB.

Unplugged & opened the machine, took out both existing sticks, put in the 2 new sticks. Replug, power on. No post, and 3 short beep code. (With AMI BIOS this means memory problem: http://www.pchell.com/hardware/beepcodes.shtml#ami)

Tried reseating, no luck.
Tried switching the positions of the 2 sticks, no luck.
Tried using each new stick by itself, no luck.

Thinking I somehow got 2 bad sticks (seems unlikely!) I then put my old RAM back in. 3 beeps.
OK, wait a minute. The machine was working fine before. I could understand bad mem sticks, but why won't it work with the old ones back in there.
Even tried each of the old sticks by itself, no luck.

Possibilities I can think of:
* somehow damaged the mobo during installation? (no sign of this, and I was pretty careful w/ both static and physical gentleness
* problem with my primary memory slot - bit of dust in there? shorted out?
* random coincidence, mobo picked this moment to die on me

What other causes am I not thinking of?

I will go try to blow out the mem slots in case dust is the problem, but in case that doesn't work (and I'm not too confident) I would appreciate any other suggestions.

Thanks much!
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  1. Maybe attempt a manual bios reset. Your manual should give you steps on how to do it. Usually removing the MB battery and switching a jumper or so. Might help, especially if you had any overclocking of the previous RAM.
  2. Thanks, and I feel like an idiot, but I figured out what it was. The sticks simply weren't seated quite all the way. I thought I had them in there, as the clips were mostly closing, but I figured out that I really needed to shove them in there to get them to seat all the way. Only could see that when I shined a really bright light into the case.

    I installed some RAM in my laptop today, and that took maybe 1/3 the force to seat as these did.
  3. Its all good, I had the same issue when I installed my RAM as well. Sometimes we all think we can see in the dark, when we really can't. Just gotta put a little elbow grease on and giver.
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