Formerly awesome p5n32-e sli plus went insane on me!

I bought the p5n32-e sli plus and it was AWESOME for about a year. It ran a 1.8Ghz core 2 duo at 3.1 rock solid at 1.4v.
Then I had to update the damn bios to 805 and then everything went to crap. It wont post anymore at any fsb higher than about 1150. But the real kicker is that I've tried to regress back to prior bios versions, and now they won't work either, I can set somewhat higher fsb but it locks up during post and while in the bios settings. I've been overclocking for almost 10 years and never had a computer lock up on me like this or act so flaky. I'm back to 302, which is the oldest on ASUS' website. Anyone know if there is an earlier version and where I can get it. I want my motherboard back! Or can anyone suggest a good BARGAIN replacement?
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  1. do you have problem with the old BIOS and that's why you updated the BIOS ?
  2. No, it was working fine. I won't ever upgrade a bios again unless I need to! The strangest thing is that this MB is supposed to support 1333fsb but now it won't go higher than 1150. Does it help if you go in 5Mhz increments?
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