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Hi there,

I need some help with this. I want to convert the xvid episodes of a certain series into dvd-r so that I can watch them on my DVD player with included subtitles. Right now if I burn the episodes to a DVD they show up without subtitles, you know how it is. I have all the needed files on my HDD, I just need help on how to convert them. Is it even possible for a newbie like me?

Any help will be much appreciated.
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  1. downoad convertxtodvd
  2. Well,I usually use StarBurn,a free DVD burner.
    But I'm not sure whether it works to you. :sweat:
  3. Thanks for the replies, guys. I tried convertxtodvd but in order to use it normally I have to pay a hell of a fee :D I'll see what I can do with StarBurn.
  4. So in StarBurn, do I just select "Burn DVD" and add the subtitles later in the process?
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