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New member and hopefully am in the right place.

I'm looking for a new PC at work that's running our 3D Studio stuff. Currently its a Dual Xeon 2.4ghz machine with 3gb of ram.

I see Intel have released some dual and quad core xeon's and wondered how these compare vs the older dual cpu's models?

Has anyone got any information or benchmarks on the subject? The website has some great charts and benchmarks but it stops short at the xeon's, with every reducing prices im keen to get the best I can afford but would appreciate some guiding in the right direction :)

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  1. The newer chips are butt kicking better than the old chips.

    Seriously, the Xeon's can be semi-directly compared to standard consumer chips. There are differences in clock speeds, fsb, and sometimes in some of the innerds, but basically they are the same chips.

    For basic comparison sake, a PentD of 2 years ago might have consumed 75% of CPU resources to run a HD DVD. Your Xeon might even be older and slower than that PentD. The Quad Core Q6600 from today consumes less than 25% of CPU resources.

    Yes we are comparing apples to oranges in chip design, but obviously for a standardized test there is a huge difference in the chip performance. The same results will be achieved for nearly test method.

    There is Quad Core Xeon that is essentially identical to the Q6600. Don't know which model number for sure, but I think the model is E5335 or E5345.

    And if you wait a few weeks the Penyrn Xeon's are coming. For video and other specific tasks the Penyrn's are going to be as much as 40% faster than the current Xeons's.

    Bottom line, today's Xeon's are not like yesterday's Xeon's.
  2. you'll need more ram
  3. Since you're using 3D Studio, you should wait for the Penryn-based Xeons - They should start releasing mid-November. Penryn supports SSE4, with the preliminary benchmarks showing a 25% improvement in 3D and up to 40% in encoding over the current Xeons. Granted, the software must be optimized for SSE4 to show these gains, but I'm sure 3D Studio will have an optimized release.
  4. @ StevieD,

    The X3220 is equivalent to the Q6600, both are LGA775. The X5xxx Series of Xeons are 771.
  5. Thanks for the information chaps.
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