Generic USB Drives, are they really that fast?

Hi all,

I jst wanted 2 ask about the speeds of the generic usb flash drives that are available in the market. I bought two 8GB USB drives, one a few months ago the other a week ago.

Once i got hold of them i ran some speed tests on the drives using several tools. On the 1st drive, i got readings like this:
first 50% of the drive: 12 MB/s
last 50% : 24 MB/s

The 2nd drive, i got the following readings:

first 17% : 12 MB/s
the rest : 31 MB/s

Are these for real? are these any defects of the products? Does anyone have issues like these?

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  1. Here are sum pics for you.


    HDTach 3.0.4 (Has the best picture of wot i'm talking about):


    I did some real world tests too.

    I copied a 781MB file which was placed right at the beginning of the drive, from the flash to my hard disk. It took me 65secs to copy it translating it to 12.0MB/s.

    Then i copied the same file which was place somewhere after 1.47GB mark and it got copied to ma HDD in about 25secs. Which gives the output of 31-32MB/s read speed.

    So the benchmarks are real. Can anyone confirm on these? If they've got something like mine.
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