New GC needed. overkill necessary?

I need a new GC. Plain and simple. And I want the max. 8600GTS at the moment. Everything running stable. As for now it's an upgrade for my old PC that has to last to the next paycheck which is due in a month. Then I'll get the rest. Probably I'll wait some more for that, but I need input for future proofing (GC and PSU). My system is as follows at the moment:

AMD X2 4200
Asus A8N-SLI
4X 512 Corsair RAM
2 HDs

THe PSU is a Tagan 480W. And that worries me. Would that be enough to power a 8800Ultra? And if not. What will I need to power the high end system that is in my pipeline?

For the GC I thought of one of these:

XFX GF 8800Ultra, 768MB XT, 2200/650MHz,TV-Out,2xDVI, DDR3

ASUS PCX EN8800Ultra, 768MB, 2080/650MHz,TV-Out,2xDVI, DDR3

Or would it probably be more reasonnable to go for a GTX card? And if so; for which one?

And for the PSU addition (if necessary for the moment); What about a Thermaltake Toughpower 750, 850, 1000 or 1200?

Input appreciated!
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  1. If it's a solid PSU, a 480w job should handle an 8800 GTX or even Ultra.
  2. I just hope you are right....

    Would be nice if my Tagan 480W handeled it...
  3. Give us stats on the PSU. If it doesn't give the proper Amps on the +12v rail, your system is prone for failure.

    Also, are you going to take advantage of SLI? If so, 480w won't cut it at all.
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