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I am looking for a cheap upgrade for an older AGP computer and read The Best Gaming Graphics Cards For The Money: October 2007 article. I'm interested in the Radeon x1650 Pro, but I'm having trouble finding it anywhere online for the price listed in the article, and really I'm having trouble finding the exact card anywhere.

I can find the DDR2 version at multiple online shops for just under $100, but the article says specifically to make sure you get the GDDR3, and that it should be under $100. I am also not having trouble finding the card it is tied with in the article, the GeForce 7600 GS. Should I just go with one of these other cards?

Has something changed in the short time since this article came out or am I just not looking in the right place?

Any help would be greatly appreciated...
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  1. A little bit of my experience with this card for you:

    I too was in your boat. I had problems with my radeon 9800 pro crashing (after many years of service), so I wanted to upgrade. I liked the x1650 pro so I bought it. The drivers on the CD worked fine, but when I uninstalled them and installed the newest drivers, windows would begin to load, and then where it normally initializes your video and shows the blue Welcome screen of XP, it stays black, and then gave a BSOD stop error, ati2dvag entered a infinite loop.

    Apparently this is a somewhat common problem ATI cards have experienced for years, with no solid fix. I ended up getting sick of these problems, returned the card and upgraded my entire system.

    I am running a 8800 GTS and absolutely love it.
  2. I have its older ugly cousin X1600 PRO (DDR2) running and it appears very dependable in most things I do (low-medium settings).

    Here's a X1650PRO for $95
  3. That's PCI-E, I'm starting to wonder if they don't make the AGP in DDR3...
  4. I have a rig that has a X1650xt AGP and i never had a problem with it GDDR3 256mb IceQ turbo from HIS.
  5. I bought mine from Newegg, it was $99.00 with a 10.00 rebate, it is gddr3 but the drivers are a MF, DON'T use the drivers from the cd, thats causing computer lockups use the 7.7 drivers. Excellent card once I fixed the drivers
  6. I live in another country (Denmark) but here it's no problem to get the card for AGP, so it shoul be possible!
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