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ok, i have a happauge hd pvr gaming edition... and when i record with it the audio is a couple seconds ahead which i want to fix. But when i render it through adobe after effects it will line it up... but i tried rendering a video, and the audio and video didn't line up...why are these happening? any help?

Also i would really appreciate it if you guys could go check out my youtube channel "Th3RadMan" and like a couple of my videos and subscribe. Soon i will be adding some tech videos for the tech guys out there. Thanks
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  1. I had this problem back when I used a Dazzle DVC100 and I know exactly what you are talking about. I am assuming you are using a laptop since you have an HDPVR. Sometimes when recording large files it will encode the audio and video separately and then join them afterwards. This could be an issue with your hard drive write speed. Try changing the codec in which you record, make sure you are using something like AVI MOTION JPEG or anything but uncompressed.

    Please post your system specs

    I am just guessing, but when I busted out my dazzle a few mins ago I no longer had this problem. I use a desktop now with an Intensity Pro.

    EDIT: Did you try uploading a raw video straight to youtube? It might just the the playback on your computer... Try using another machine, edit with other software, or even another USB port. Just to make sure its not one of those things.
  2. I am using a gateway fx4710-ub802a

    I tryed recording using ps3 and xbox mode but i figured out if i converted it/render with another clip, it was fine.
    And i never uploaded directly to youtube, you can see, my channel is (Th3RadMan)
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