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good day mates, how could i delete a portion of waveform inside adobe audio audition while the waveform is playing the sound? instead of pause the waveform each time i need to delete a part of the sound, it's done if i use cool edit software. "the old audio addition" , please any help is appreciated .
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  1. This is a link to the CS5.5 Audition help file:
  2. Dear mate, thx for the reply ,i've searched it before i post here. i will search again..did you find any such
    idea in that pdf?
  3. I didn't search the pdf file for an answer. Have you tried this -
    Editing the audio file in Adobe Audition

    1. Tap the spacebar to listen to the beginning of the audio file.

    2. Zoom into the beginning of the wave file.

    3. As you play the audio, watch the time indicator at the bottom of the window.

    4. If you come to a place in the audio where you wish to place a marker, tap the F8 button at the top of the keyboard to insert a Cue Marker at that time location.

    You can use this marker to help find this place in the sound file easily, and use it to highlight the segment you wish to delete.

    5. The cue can be moved by dragging the top or bottom triangle to the left or right.

    To delete the cue, position the mouse pointer on top of the triangle and click the RIGHT MOUSE BUTTON, and choose Delete from the menu.
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