overheating 7900gt

Ive been recently having this problem with an overheating bfg geforce 7900gt. It idles around 60 celcius (isnt it supposed to be around 45?) and running games it hits around 72 or higher. Running AOE3 though, i get up to 80 and screen starts showing artifacts and the computer freezes and auto-shutsdown. I dont think ive had this problem before. I tried dusting out the computer fans and such, but to no avail. Specs:

Pentium D 2.8ghz
1.5gb DDR2
BFG Geforce 7900gt (stock)
500w Antec smartpower
No case fans other than HD, Power supply and video card
Its a dell 9100 case
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  1. You have the fan speeds on the GPU set to 100% I think default is 40%

    I have the same card and have been having some problems with overheating latley as well...
  2. fan speed? i dont think ive changed that.
    anyways, i googled around and found that lots of early revisions suffer teh same fate, so i RMAed it back to BFG.
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