XP Load Screen Freezes Randomly

I have got my PC yesterday. The old DVD/RW was broken so I had to borrow one from a mate.I've installed Windows XP as usual, installed a few programs then restarted. It restarted but when it got past POST, the Windows XP Professional Load Screen started to fade in but then froze. I've waited a few minutes but it wouldn't get past it. So I have rebooted the PC. When it got past POST I've got the screen with "Sorry for the inconvenience blah blah blah". I click "Start Windows Normally" and it boots up. After a while I've rebooted it again. The same thing happened. I did a Windows Reinstall. For the first 3-4 boots it worked great. Then it happened again and I had to restart like 3-4 times before it booted up successfully.
Here is my hardware:

Mobo: MA785GT-UD3H
CPU: AMD Phenom II X2 555 Black Edition
Video Card: Gigabyte ATI Radeon HD 5770 1GB, GDDR5(When I've first mounted it in the PCI-EX slot I've noticed that on it;s surface there was like a layer of grease and I've seen some scratches but I reckon it's just a protective layer or something. If not, please tell me.)
HDD: old Maxtor 80GB(gonna buy a new one soon)

Thanks in advance.
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  1. Noone?
  2. May be bad sectors in HDD.
    Buy the New HDD asap & try!
  3. I've done Disk Check but no bad sector was found.
  4. Even though the chkdsk didn't find anything wrong, try using the Seatools drive utility to scan for errors. This is designed for Seagate/Maxtor drives.
  5. Update the BIOS, run Memtest, etc. It's also possible there's a problem with that vid card... do you have another to test?
  6. Nope. But I do have an onboard video card. I'll try with it. Anyway, in happens rarely now. I'm putting the PC on hibernation so it will skip the logo and go right in explorer. I'll do a disk check.
  7. The HDD successfully passed all the tests, so the HDD is excluded. I'm gonna try and see what happens if I connect the monitor to the onboard video.

    edit: Can it be from the OS? Should I try and install a clean SP3 windows(no updates)?
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