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I am not sure where to place this, but I recently started playing GW2 and discovered the freedom of casting on the run! However, I have a 2yr old Deathadder mouse which I really like but cannot find any software listed on my pc for it. It appears to be using the standard MS mouse software.

What I wanted to do was be able to program the two left side buttons so that I could work on dodge as I learn to strafe and cast lovely spells on the run. I've always played a caster-type so this is all new to me.

I went to the Razer webpage, but could not seem to get past all the links that just pointed you back onto yourself. No answers and not even a forum contact where you can ask simple questions on what software I might be able to use to program these keys with or even for updated driver information. It seems they have a "Glass Wall" between customer needs and technical answers.

So I am here on this forum where I've always gotten very friendly and helpful information and advise. Any help and advise is welcome.
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  2. kenrivers said:

    Thanks, I found what I was looking for finally. I can't remember who gave me the info but I was able to download the software and set it up today.

    Appreciate the help anyway.
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  4. kenrivers said:

    The second link is the only one that worked for me. Thanks, mate!
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