Harddisk Failure

Hey everyone, I'm currently encountering a problem from my 2 x WesternDigital Raptor 80 GB (Used for gaming) set in a RAID 0 setup.
My Computer has been running all fine untill a couple a days ago where I accidently opened a Trojan which my AVG Anti Virus removed pretty nicely - can't seem to find it anymore, suddenly an Error Message pops up on my screen and tells me something about the Disk "F:\" can't remember what tho.
Everything on my computer is fully installed SATA Driver and so on, so I guess it can't be some of that.

The problem I am facing is that the Harddisks is not found in "My Computer", "Diskmanagement" nor "BIOS" since I have installed SP 1 & 2.

Bottomline is, what is wrong? I haven't really checked if there is power to the HDD or if it connected really, although I doubt it since I haven't been having my fingers in my computer or pushed it, although since I get an Error Message from my computer about "F:\" it must be connected although it is not shown as described above?

Please help me! :??:
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  1. Since it's not showing in the bios check the data and power cables.
    Try changing ports.
    You can't even run diagnostics without it showing in the bios.
  2. Please check your BIOS throughly. If you are used to the way the old IDE drives showed in the BIOS you may have missed your drives, as sata controllers have their own way of displaying them on BIOS (will depend on mobo manufacturer and sata controller). If you are saying they do not show on "My Computer", I take it you can boot your machine (is your system installed on those disks?). Maybe the trojan "masked" the drives as system hidden files. Try going into folder options and checking "show hidden ..." and unchecking "hide system protected ...". Good Luck.
  3. My system is installed on another Harddisk.
    Although I'll try and see what happens, thanks for the quick reply.
  4. Okay I can now see the Harddisk with my RAID 0 setup in "My Computer" Although I now have another problem since my RAID 0 Setup is set in 2 partitions.
    My Gaming partition named D:\ is currently bringing up an Error Message "D:\ is not accessible"
    "The request could not be executed, since an I/O-unitfailure has occured"

    I'm not really good at computer fiddleing, so any advice would be appreciated! :)
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