Need Help Chosing New Mobo

Hay I need help chosing a new motherboard and CPU. I cant spend that much over $100.
I wont to be able to overclock and it must have a full speed PCI-E 16x slot for future graphics upgrading.
The CPU should preferabley be Dual Core.

Thanks Heaps :)
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  1. Core2Duo or AM2?
  2. Dont know witch ever one overclocks the best and is future proof for games and applications. So maybe AM2?
  3. No choices I know of fit your $100 budget. The cheapest X2 AMD runs about $64. Ditto for a bare-bones AM2 motherboard. Some retailer may have a combo special out there, but you are in Jamaica. Also, you may have to incur expenses for other items like RAM, PSU, etc. Sorry, you need more money or lower expectations.
  4. The max I would spend on CPU & Mobo is $150 I also go to miami every few months to go shopping for electronics, clothing etc. Im building this system slow as I dont have any funding at the min so Ram, PSU .etc is not important at this stage. My aim is to have a up and running system by Christmas. I have read alot of good reviews about the X2 3600+ Brisbane core. And people being able to overclock it up to and over 2.8GHz on stock cooler.
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