Need help....Formatting 8GB SD Card

Sorry if this might sound stupid....

I was trying to use Ghost to create an image of my new notebook onto a 8GB SDHC card.

Ghost created a boot drive automatically onto the SD card with PC-DOS and the ghost.exe.

However I realise that the drive became only 2GB (1.9GB) and there is no way for me to activate the remaining 5gb even in Windows.

I used windows XP disk management but cannot "unpartition" the 2GB or allocate the 5GB..

Is there a way to revert back to an 8GB disk ?

Please advise...

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  1. Usually you should use the manufacturer-tool to format these cards. I heard of people losing their card after they formated with windows.
  2. You might try using SeaTools (from Seagate). There's an advanced feature to set the capacity of a drive-- you likely can reset the capacity back to the original 8GB.
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