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AVG and the win32/Gaelicum.A 'infection'

Hey guys and gals.

Recently after updating my AVG 2011 Free edition, after a long time, it constantly brings up that a virus called "win32/Gaelicum.A" has attached itself to my .exe's.

The "attacks" started in my "Downloads" folder so i assumed it was because of something I download, which is most probably the cause. But the kicker in this is that only AVG detects this virus. I installed the free trial of ESET, just to see if it detects anything and it came up with nothing. The problem now is that, after I "Heal" these .exe's with AVG they become corrupt?

I did some searches on the net for advice on getting rid of it and I came across another AVG program that specialises in removing of this "win32/Gaelicum.A". i installed it and it found some infected .exe's and "Healed" them to, but these .exe's were the same ones that had been previously infected, which means the virus just re attaches itself.

I'm getting worried now because the virus is spreading out of the Downloads folder and now attacking my desktop folders. It seems like the virus does nothing at all until AVG heals it and takes crucial parts from the .exe out, thus causing it to become corrupt...

It seems like it uses AVG against the computer. I feel like AVG is useless so i rather ask the forum first if anyone else has had this problem and how did they resolve it?

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  1. It sounds like AVG is issuing a false positive. That is it may be mistaking these files as infected when in fact they aren't. Repairing them is actually damagaing them. Send one of the files that AVG is reporting infected but not yet corrupted to AVG for testing.
  2. Thanks Hawkeye. Was going to wait for AVG to start detecting again before I sent but then I found several of the unhealed ones in my virus vault. You can actually right-click on one and say send for testing from the virus vault. Will give a reply as soon as they give me an answer.

  3. Okay I sent it and they got back to me with this:

    "AVG Research Lab has analyzed the file(s) you have sent from your AVG Virus Vault. Below you can find the results for each file. The final verdict on the file is either a correct detection or a false positive detection.

    Further information about the verdicts are available at our website:

    "c:\Users\<UserName>\Downloads\Applications\Skype\SkypeSetup.exe" - detection is correct"

    For my incite a followed the link Hawkeye posted above and now waiting for a reply from them (The link Hawkeye posted allows you to add a description to what the problem is that you are experiencing where as what i did first doesn't)
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    Okay problem solved. With no help from AVG, an exe. named "kxalil.exe" exposed itself randomly in my music folder and I immediately new virus. I scanned it with AVG, still didn't detect it as a virus... I then searched my computer for that specific exe. and it found about 4 - all in the folders that kept getting infected. After deleting them I'm not getting the virus problem any more :).

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