Question about drivers with x1950 pro

Atm im using 7.10 however does anyone know if the older ati drivers like 7.6 or 7.7 are better performance wise? or maybe the newer omega drivers?

im talking for gaming of course, atm i have an asus x1950 pro 256, the reason i ask is people say 7.6 is better.

any input is appreciated
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  1. I would tend to agree 7.6/7.7 is about the point i stopped seeing a differance with my card (but then im talking about a X1650XT so it may be a bit differant) but a lot of people started to complain about that time with various cards.
    I have seen tests that showed that for raw performance the best drivers for the x1xxx cards were the 6.12 ones.
    Here is a link from a differant forum if you scroll down untill you find the post by SLIPSTREEM about 3 or 4 down i think,you will see that he has a 1950pro and has spent a lot of time setting his up.
    He uses Omega drivers and is OCing the card with ATI tools i think it is,anyway have a read and see what you think,dont worry he knows what he is on about.
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