Microsoft Confirms: IE9 Won't Run on Windows XP

Yes, Windows Internet Explorer 9 won't support any operating system earlier than Windows Vista SP2.
The reason IE9 doesn't work in XP is that it uses the Direct2D feature of DirectX when accessing the graphics hardware to accelerate image creation and drawing. Direct2D was introduced in Windows 7, and then added to Windows Vista SP2 and Windows Server 2008 R2—but not to Windows XP.

Thanks Bill.
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  1. I wouldn't expect any software vendor to fully support an obsolete OS for ever. New software requires features only present in newer versions of the OS (else why bother to produce new versions?). Nothing has changed - all software that used to work on XP still will; but don't expect new software to work.

    Time to move on from XP.
  2. I don't think W XP is obsolete. Anyway I can understand that Microsoft wants We buy the w7, but the problem is that many old computer can't use it. Therefore I think that Bill might think about those computers too. Not everybody wants to play the very new videogames so they don't need to buy a new computer to run office XP and internet.
  3. It's 8 years old. It is obsolete. Just because you are still using it and don't want to upgrade doesn't make it any less obsolete. People are still using Windows 95, 98, ME and 2K... would you consider those to be obsolete?

    No DirectX 10 or 11, no IE 9 and likely driver support will begin to fade within the next two years. How long does it have to be before you consider it to be obsolete?
  4. I agree with ijack and Zoron.

    I like XP too, and will continue to run it on one or two of my PCs, but it's time has come and gone. If you still want to use XP, you'll just have to use the browsers that it does support (IE8, FF, chrome..etc).

    Technology tends to look ahead, not back. They aren't going to spend $$ on making their software for those old computers. Eventually, you have to let go of that old hardware/software and move on.
  5. WXP is the best OS Microsoft ever made. Nowadays, most of the computers are still using it (vista was crappy). Therefore is not obsolete. Obsolete is something that is not useful.
    I don't need Dx10 in those computers. I need they run "office" an IE properly. If we want to play, we are talking about other range of computers.
    I have W7 64bits and I like it. But we are talking about different things.
    It's just my opinion.
  6. XP is definitely a polished OS. It's been around for a long time, it should be. Do you remember when it was released? People cried that it was a piece of crap. Now, people have been using it for so long, they just don't like change.

    Nobody is saying you have to change now. You can still use everything you do now.
  7. People still find Win 9x useful as well. They are still obsolete, however. Vista was a decent operating system if you had decent hardware. I had no problems with Vista and if it weren't for the great pre-order discount on Windows 7... I might still be using it.

    You don't need DX10... what makes you think you will need IE 9? IE 6 and 7 still provide better compatibility than IE 8 in a lot of cases... so IE 9 is kind of moot right now anyway. Besides, there's always Firefox. If you're worried about not being able to run Windows Update, then you have nothing to worry about. XP Service Pack 3 will continue to be supported and you'll still be able to download all of its updates even after all support has been terminated.

    Of course, by the time that occurs, you'll have probably upgraded anyway. Or perhaps you'll be like the people still hanging on to Win 9x. You still have to be aware that once MS stops supporting XP, other vendors will as well. Just like you can't find 9x drivers for new hardware... in a couple years the situation will be the same with XP. I'm sure it will still be "useful"... but only on older computers not capable of running newer operating systems.
  8. Henry Chinaski said:
    Therefore I think that Bill might think about those computers too. Not everybody wants to play the very new videogames so they don't need to buy a new computer to run office XP and internet.

    You're quite right; they don't need to buy a new computer to browse the Internet. They just keep on using IE8. I could understand your concern if Microsoft did something to make it impossible to browse the Internet with XP, but they're not doing that. All they are saying is "Our latest web browser only runs on our latest OS". That seems an eminently reasonable statement to me. It has no effect whatsoever on people who want to continue to use XP and IE8.

    It's identical to the situation with IE8, which doesn't run on Windows 2000.
  9. Like IE 6 not running on anything older than 2K / ME...

    Although unlike IE 9, most sites will actually require IE 6 or better. I don't see a lot of sites suddenly being inaccessible with anything other than IE 9.
  10. There is no reason for me to update my browser. The ONLY time I do updates is if I run into problems. Still using XP Pro with IE7. I learned my lesson with updating software. Used IE8 and Vista before but ran into way too many problems. What a waste of time and money.
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