Screenshot: Port Drive Model / 0 / Error Occurred (0)

Hi, Gang

Said computer locked up after I installed Google's Picasa uploader and while it was indexing my images. After shutting the system down and rebooting I noticed this error message:


The system (Vista-32) loaded anyway, but I noticed the environment had changed. Firefox bookmarks were gone--my Firefox theme was gone, so I used System Restore. This fixed the Firefox issue, but the error on boot did not resolve.

I ran CHKDSK ... no problems reported there.
I booted from my Vista disc, ran Start Up Repair, and it reported "no problems".

Unfortunately, "Error Occurred (0)" remains, and I'm not sure what I should try next. Can anybody point me in the right direction?

Thanks! :)
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  1. Do you happen to have The Intel Matrix Storage console installed? I found this snippet on the CNET forums doing a quick search at Google...

    Same thing happened to me.
    by tr_colo - 16/03/07 18:41
    In reply to: Error Occurred (0) - Help by totosquirt

    Go to Intel Matrix Storage Console, select the drive (Port 0 or Port 1), right click it and select "mark as normal". ITunes did the same thing to me, although it only happened when importing video files. Hope this helps.

    fter doing some research (and remembering this topic again), i found out that it's intel's fault, not apple's or microsoft's :o

    it's the intel matrix storage manager

    If you go to the update here on their website,*%2032&lang=eng
    or if you decide to find it yourself, there's an update (released april 2007, sorry i didn't backtrack until now)

    are they solved for you? :D
  2. Thanks for the help. The download no longer at the link provided, but I can find Intel Matrix Storage Manager (Version # here:

    One problem... So far, I haven't seen "Intel Matrix Storage Manager" listed on my system. Some other useful info:

    Motherboard Intel D975XBG (Gateway OEM)
    Intel(R) 82801G (ICH7 Family) Ultra ATA Storage Controllers - 27DF
    Intel(R) 82801GR/GH SATA RAID Controller

    How can I determine if this is the download I need? - Thanks!
  3. How do you know this is the right download? First off, look at your screenshot-- the very first text is the Intel Matrix Storage Manager. The Option ROM is a key piece of the RAID stack that allows Windows to use the RAID volume early in the boot process before it has even loaded drivers.

    When you install the Intel Matrix Storage Manager, you will be installing two things-- a newer driver, and the Windows UI. The Windows UI is what you'll need to reset the disk to normal. It's very possible that you don't have the UI currently installed, but you most certainly have a version of the driver installed. When you installed XP, you either had to slipstream the drivers onto the Windows CD, or you added the driver using the F6 method (or you bought the system from someone else who set it up this way). This will install the driver, but not the UI.

    As far as what version you need-- frankly, any version from 5.6 onward will work fine for you, but you might as well get the latest version.
  4. You guys rock. - Thanks so much! :D

    - Installed Intel Matrix Storage Manager
    - Launched Intel Matrix Storage Console
    - Right Click the offending drive - "Mark as Normal"
    - All Fixed!
  5. jkbowman said:
    You guys rock. - Thanks so much! :D

    - Installed Intel Matrix Storage Manager
    - Launched Intel Matrix Storage Console
    - Right Click the offending drive - "Mark as Normal"
    - All Fixed!

    Glad to hear!

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