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Should i get a 8800GT or should i not is the ?

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October 27, 2007 12:26:52 PM

Hello, All as you may have knowen i put a post in the cpu forums of the 8800GT Links to sites and what not. It looks promoseing, But would it be worth the upgrade from my curret video card. Because the reason i say this i will not be upgradeing for aleast a year or more on curret setup.

My curret setup
Q6600 Stock Stepping G0
Asus P5K-V
Cosair XMS2 800 4gb 2gbx2
Hard Drives WD 160gb 7.2k WD Raptor 74gb 10k
Psu Thermaltake ToughPower 700Watt 4x 12V total 56amps
Video Card Power Coloer 1950Pro Pci-E with X2 Cooler

I would let to know because i have the money saved up for the card. And if so i will sell my 1950 Pro on monday after i order my 8800GT

Please let me know.


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October 27, 2007 1:20:52 PM

itotallybelieveyou said:
Save up for a bit for 8800GTX

i refuse to pay for 8800GTX. thats way to much anything over $300 is to much for me i like the $300 and down.
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October 27, 2007 1:33:43 PM

get the 8800GT. If you need a card that performs great and are not willing to pay $500 bucks for a GTX, do it. The 8800GT is geared to be the next card level down below a gtx. At it's starting price it'll be silly not too.
October 27, 2007 1:36:59 PM

You should really wait until you see the benchmarks for the 8800GT. Also, I would wait just until mid-November when the RV670s will be released.
October 27, 2007 1:47:41 PM

Your card is pretty good to hang on to, you are in an good position to wait till the next gen DX10 cards are out.

I had a pretty good system, but with a 6800 GS, so at this point I had to upgrade, the card was too old.

From what I gather, the 8800 series is pretty anemic for Crysis. I am downloading the demo now, so I'll see how my 8800GTS 640 holds up, and I plan to overclock the poop out of it before playing.

Nobody on the forums is claiming great performance on any card, this game is no UT3, it is a beast.

Hang in there, I am guessing from where you stand you'd be wasting your cash on an 8800GT. Save for a few more months for something beefier.
October 27, 2007 3:39:47 PM

I believe ATI 3800 class cards will be out in December, also the next incarnation of Nvidia in the first quarter of 2008. That's why I'm holding off on a 2900 Pro for my wife's dual boot system.

I'm not holding off on an 8800GT because I have only a 7600GS in my X2 4600+ Windsor system. I need DX10 to justify this Vista install and the 8800GT promises to be a bit faster than an 8800GTS 320, if leaked benchmarks are to be believed.

Leaked benchmarks:

I'll get an evga 8800GT by November 15th, and then have a 90 day upgrade path. Perhaps that will work for you if Nvidia launches the next level of their hardware early in the first quarter 2008? ATI's 3800 class cards should be good too.

It does seem like even today's best cards barely manage new DX10 games on high settings with. So, I understand why people are cautious. Still, new drivers have improved things over last summer for DX10, maybe that trend will continue from both ATI and Nvidia?