Getting 8800gt this week hopefully but some help

Ok i should be getting an 8800gt 512 mb version when its out this week, however i dunno what else i'd have to upgrade to keep it from bottlenecking. My current rig is e6400 core 2duo (not oc'ed), 2 gigs corsair ddr2 pc6400, seagate barracuda 1000.10 perpendicular hd. Would i have to upgrade my cpu or maybe get 2 more gigs of ram? One more question is, can i get like another brand of ram like G.skill with ddr2 pc6400 and combine with my corsair? Or must i get the corsair again to match with. Thanks.
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  1. I think your system is fine. If there is any bottlenecking at all it will be very minimal.
  2. You can mix & match ram DDR2 sticks, but it's BEST to use the same make & model to save your headache in the event that they don't like each other. If it's out of stock, you can get another kit that has the same specs.
  3. Your rig is fine as is for the 8800GT as long as you have a decent power supply.
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