Graphix Card, please suggest

I am looking for buying a graphix card for my PC. My main purpose is gaming although i do use other graphix applications too like adobe but occassionally.

Will Geforce 8800 gts fullfil my needs.

or should i go for geforce 8800 gtx or ultra which are comparatively costly than gts

also can someone suggest which manufacturer to use of many available

Asus, evga, xfx, pny, bfg etc..

this is really confusing all have huge price variations. why???
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  1. Don't buy anything before the 8800GT launch on Monday. We should have plenty of reviews and the cards should be available at that same time. Rumors are the 8800GT beats the current 8800GTS but is priced around $250!
  2. What resolutions do you play at? Higher ones go with 640MB GTS or 768MB GTX. EVGA is the most popular one but I like BFG for their customer support
  3. The 8800GT will likely be the best choice for anyone who can afford $250 for a GPU come monday.

    1) It's faster than the 8800GTS and barely slower than the 8800GTX
    (Assuming the many Leaked Benches are close to accurrate)

    2) Its MUCH cooler than either the 8800GTS or 8800GTX.
    That means you need to spend less on cooling, it's quieter, and saves money over time.

    3) It's cheaper than the 8800GTS or 8800GTX (Again if rumors are to be believed)

    The 8800GTS may drop below the 8800GT prices on monday, but unless it's alot less I would get the faster card with much lower power draw.
  4. hd 2900 pro nice card easily overclocked and will no doubt batter nvidia's offerings in the long run due to number of pixel shaders and constantly relevant driver updates plus it's £170 ... bargain
  5. I've just read the 8800 GT review at Tweaktown. The 8800 GT is better than the HD2900XT and HD2900Pro. Unfortunately it's just as noisy and hot as they are, much worse than the 8800 GTS :fou: . If the 8800 GTS price drops to $40 less than the GT, I might still prefer the GTS because it's cooler and quieter and almost as fast.
  6. Just be aware that the comparison cards are:
    MSI 8800GT
    Palit 8800GTS

    If the manufacturer matters (or not) ?
  7. Yeah. When I did my research for the 8800 GTX it turned out that BFG and eVGA had quieter and more effective coolers than others. That's how I ended up with a BFG. Hopefully they will have 8800 GT cards with 60 dB output, not 73. If that requires a big fan and two slots, like the GTX, it's still a good idea IMO. Maybe even MSI will have a dual-slot version. Too early to tell...

    Edit: I'm trying to find out if the Thermalright HR-03 works with the 8800 GT. If it does, this will compete with the 8800 GTX very seriously.
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