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I currently use Transmission on my Macs for my torrenting needs, and i generally set my global limits for 0 kb/s, which does not mean unlimited as with many Windows torrent programs. So i was wondering if there are any Windows programs which would allow me to set the global limits so that there is no upload transfer rate at all.
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  1. In uTorrent you can set "maximum amount of upload slots per torrent" to 0, and it won't upload anything.
  2. I never saw anything like that, where in settings is this?
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    Preferences -> Bandwidth -> Lowest setting.
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  5. Sweet, i'll be sure to check that out, thanks!
  6. Glad I helped ;).
  7. You know what, i gave it a shot, and for some reason, it still seems to have a trickle of 0.1 kb/s that shows up in upload. Do you think i should be worried about that?
  8. 0.1 kb/s upload isn't uploading file, it's just uploading file list.
  9. Oh, i always wondered about that, what would it need to do that for if i'm not uploading the files? So i guess it's more of a utorrent maintenance thing then?
  10. When you download torrent file or use magnet link, your computer doesn't know which files you want to download. Then, it asks other people to send their file lists for the same torrent. Even if you aren't uploading those files, the file list is still useful.
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