Best "Bang for the Buck" PSU under $60?

Hello everyone, I've recently been looking to upgrade my video card from a 7900gt to an 8800GTS, but my 375w power supply won't be enough power to run it, or so I'm told by BFG technical support, who recommended 420w as an absolute minimum.

With this in mind, can anyone recommend me a good PSU for under $60 that would have enough power to support this video card?

For reference, I'm running a single 120gb harddrive, a single DvD drive, 2GB of RAM, an Intel Core2 6700 2.66GHz, a wireless network card, and a standard mouse and keyboard.

Just for the sake of it, my current PSU runs 375w as stated above, and has 18.0 Amps on the dual 12V rails.

I appreciate your help, so thanks in advance! :bounce: :bounce: :bounce:
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  1. I wouldn't want a PSU that cost $60 to be honest. If I'm runing the 8800GTS, I'm going to want a very solid and stable PSU, they are harder to come by for under $100. Not saying you can't get a great PSU for under $100. My point is that the PSU is the last component of your system to go cheap on.
  2. Your Power Supply is the foundation that everything else depends upon. Don't Cheap Out.
  3. OK, if you absolutely have to cheap out try something made by FSP.

    Here are some better solutions:

    Corsair 520HX, $98

    Antec NeoPower NeoHE 550, $100
  4. In comparison I have the 8800GTS 320 MB and am running the Seasonic S12 650W I picked up at Newegg for $160. Is it more than I need? Probably. Do I regret buying it? Absolutely not, money well spent on one of the best PSUs I can get for what I need. And guess what, I'll probably use it for my next build.
  5. FSP's aren't really cheap... They have inexpensive models but most 600w or better still cost upwards of $100.. I use FSP PSU's a lot because they are reliable.

    Promo Code (EMC1016CASE01): $5 off

    After Rebate/Promo: $19.99 w/Free Shipping
  7. What about something like this:

    They've got the power I need, are made from good brands (from what I hear), and its not going to break the bank (my goal was $400 for an 8800GTS plus the power supply).
  8. Don't cheap out.

    If you HAVE to, grab one of these ThermalTakes:

    I have the 470 Watt version, and the build quality rocks. ThermalTake is a AWESOME brand.

    If you do want a great PSU, grab a Seasonic.
  9. I was originally looking at a rosewill, but after some research, it seems that isn't a very good idea.

    After looking some more, I got the video card down to $335, so spending 69.99 for the power supply won't be an issue.
  10. I got this for my 8800GTS:

    It's $60 but there is a $30 rebate. I have been running it for a month and a half. Works fine. Has 2 PCI-E connectors. I am using one.
  11. Antec NeoHE 550 is good when it's on sale. I purchased from bestbuy for 70 a few months back on sale.
  12. Anonymous said:
    FSP's aren't really cheap... They have inexpensive models but most 600w or better still cost upwards of $100.. I use FSP PSU's a lot because they are reliable.

    Absolutely. I didn't mean to insult FSP at all. They're very good. It just happens that they're the only good brand I know that actually has some models under $60. I've never seen a PC P&C selling for $60 for example. All I see under $60, usually, apart from FSP, is Tier 4 or 5 stuff.
  13. You can game with and overlock the 8800 GTS all you want with your current psu.
    They sell the machine with an option to upgrade to the 8800 GTX and they don't do psu upgrades to make it work.
  14. He's got 18 amps, and the 8800 GTS needs 26 if I remember right. Sounds a bit scary...
  15. Chances are this is his power supply
  16. delluser1 said:
    Chances are this is his power supply

    Get out of my head! :pt1cable:

    Yea, that's mine are you saying its totally possible to just buy the card, and not worry about the power supply at all?
  17. arminas said:
    Get out of my head! :pt1cable:

    Yea, that's mine are you saying its totally possible to just buy the card, and not worry about the power supply at all?

    Yes, like I said they sell it with the GTX so your fine with the GTS.
    The psu has a combined +12v output of up to 30 amps.
  18. I don't think your current PSU will do the trick. Do yourself a favor, buy a good PSU. Buy a good enough one and take it with you on your next build.
  19. In the end you have to look at the full system. A 8800GTS takes less then 9 amps and just under 10(the 26 assumes a fully loaded system, not just the video card) for most factory overclocked ones.


    did not see dual rails...

    you are MORE(30 amps is plenty) then good to go...the only reason that psu is not rated high(450+ watts or so) is due to the fact that the 3.3 and 5 volt lines are lower. Since they know there is less and less equipment running on those lines, why make a psu with 35 amps of each of those rails when you dont need to. Your good to go
  20. Do not get that psu zenmaster posted... it had 18a on one 12v rail. If your going to recommend an upgrade for someone, make sure its an upgrade. Your psu now will actually be fine :). Stay away from xion psus!!
  21. As I mentioned in another post... I grabbed an Ultra 600W as an emergency PSU (I was in Tigerdirect in Miami and it was the only PSU greater than 500W, and had a plane to catch) and I said "what the heck, I'll take this one ($70) and I will sell it after and get a serious PSU". But surprised me in a good way because it ended being a good PSU.

    At the end I decided to keep it. I don't know about how much time will serve me well, I'm ready to get a good PSU, but as long as my Ultra gives me what I want, will be installed.
  22. Something to keep in mind when you're shopping for "deals".

    Back in about '91 or '92 (hehe, before I could do research on the internet) I was in a hurry to get a system built so I ran out and got a case with a PS included for $100. I put it together and things seemed to work fine so I didn't worry about it too much. 3 or 4 months later I found that system dead. Turned out the power supply died. Well, the sad thing is that I had a $1000 tape drive in the machine that apparently fried when the PS failed. That was a very expensive cheap power supply. I'd guess that power supply cost me $1050. Bottom line is when you cheap out on the PS you just may lose all of the money you've invested in anything that's powered by it.

    I've never had a PC Power and Cooling PS quit. I've been using them since '92 or '93 so that should means something. Seasonics look good for quiet power supplies. I've had some Sparkles made by Fortron that never gave me problems. I'd give them a look for a bottom line machine.

    A couple of the Corsairs are made by Seasonic and pretty much identical in design to the Seasonics models.
  23. Hey, thanks to everyone for the help, I've decided to order my Video card and see how it does, then order a new PSU if things go south...after all, I can just put my old card back in while I wait 3-5 days for the PSU to get here.

    Link to my video card:

    $335, not bad for this thing, especially since it comes with a lifetime warranty and a free Quake Wars :D
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