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I have recently worked on a build for a buddy. I have everything plugged in and I have properly configured the BIOS but when I try to run the recovery discs it wont let me. If I try to boot it up without loading the disc it shows the microsoft corporation screen for a second and then it shows a blue screen of death for a ver very brief time and then reboots.
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  1. Is the drive order set to cd/dvd drive as first in the list in the bios? if not that is proble your issue.
    If you know which recovery disk you have that is the actual windows OS that would do better for recovering the system without having to fully reload.
  2. Yeah I made sure I had it set as the IDE 0 Master so that wasnt the problem. I did get the disc from him and to the best of my knowledge it is working
  3. did you get a chance to see what the blue screen said? like a error code maybe.

    oh but one that for sure try GWScan by western digital it should be able to check for errors of your hard drive

    only use the quick test or the full test don't use the write zeros function unless you plan on doing a clean install of windows as a last option. however that is recommended if you can't fix the issue by other means.
  4. opps gave you the one for floppy boot...

    this one is the one used to make a bootable CD.
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