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Hello all,

I have a 2 months old external drive (750 GB) I was using at work. Unfortunately, while the drive was standing vertically, someone in the lab accidentally tipped it over.

Ever since, I can't access my drive. When I power it on, it makes weird sounds for around 10-15 seconds, and then stay silent.

I'm unsure of what I should do. The drive did not fall off the table or anything like that, it was just tipped over from its vertical position. As such, I'm surprised it stopped working, especially since it is new. Perhaps the the drive had a defect to begin with ?

Also, do you think my 3 years warranty would cover this kind of damage ? I'd also like to know how I should present this matter to the hardware company.

Finally, should I ask the person who broke the drive to reimburse some of the fees, such as transport costs ?

Thank you very much
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  1. First off if the drive was in use there is every chance that the drive would be dead the mechanical parts inside spinning at 7200RPM the slighest bumb can kill the balance.

    Personally i would send the drive back to retailer or manufacturer (whatever is easy) and just say that the disk doesnt work nothing more. I think youll find that wont be able to tell that it was a knocked that caused the issue. Most manufacturers to my knowledge will test the drive if it dont work they will replace it, and repair the old one later.

    As for reimbursements, its up to you. Is this person a friend? i wouldnt let it concern me to much if it was a friend.
  2. Its as much your fault for standing it on edge as his for bumping it and knocking it over. Next time lay it flat.
  3. chookman, thank you for the valuable information. I'll probably send the drive back and try to get it reimbursed.

    roadrunner, I'm a bit puzzled by your comment. The drive came with a stand to make it rest on its on edge , and on the box the drive is clearly shown in that position, so why do you think I made a mistake ?
  4. Guillaume777 said:
    Finally, should I ask the person who broke the drive to reimburse some of the fees, such as transport costs ?

    Thank you very much

    As far as the hard drive and your friend tripping over it goes, I think its your problem. A person has a responsibility to put the stuff so other people don't trip over it, so if you put it in a place where his feet might be, well, its your fault and your problem.
  5. By the way the person is not my friend.
  6. I'm unsure if this is helpful, but you can hear the sound of my HD here : http://www.soundupload.com/audio/1lqod6n64rue9fn
  7. This is getting to be a moraly complex issue - maybe you could see about being on Judge Judy!
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