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For somereason when I use virtual machine to load Windows XP the flash drive doesn't load on Windows XP and it loads on Windows 7. How do I make the USB work so I can use my flash drive? It has alot of my files there and I wanted to put it on the XP system as well. The USB mouse has no problem for somereason.
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  1. What specific virtual machine are you using?

    Some of them require that you mount the device from within the guest before it's usable.
  2. I' am using the Oracle VirtualBox right now and running Windows XP Home. I did update Windows to the latest but seems like when I insert the USB flash drive it shows up on my Windows 7 machine. Basicly my main machine.
  3. Some questions:

    1. Did you install the guest additions in XP Home?

    2. Does the device appear on the guest's menubar under "Devices > USB Devices"?

    3. If the device appears on the above list, is there a check in the box next to it? (if not, put one there to mount it)
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