A doubt about evga 780i

Im thinking about buying a new rig, around a Q6600.

I want to OC it to 3000 Hz, no more and my question is if the 780i bords will be able to OC to that level or not.

Im not looking at the x38 o x48 because i want to be able to SLI not xfire.

What do you think???? im a noob in OC.

Thanks in advance for the advice!
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  1. 3 ghz should be fine

    I'm running a 680i board with a q6600 @ 3.3

    check the sig line...

    9x multi * 333 or

    I'd definitely try

    8x multi * 375 FSB (up your NB voltage a bit for this)

    that gives you 1500 fsb

    now get either cheap ddr2 1066 ram or
    overclockers ddr2 800 ram

    and run it at 1000 mhz for a 3:2 mem ratio

    that should smoke.
  2. just a thought with a nice cpu cooler

    a 780i should have no prob with 1700 fsb
    8x multi x 425 would give you 3.4 ghz....

    you would need the best of the best air cooler (60 bucks)

    I doubt you'd need water for 3.4 but each chip is different...just an idea
  3. Thanks, i am thinking to buy this memory:


    Im from Spain so i only can get that memory or that other one in my retail shop:


    but i think the first one looks better, what do you think?

    im noob noob in OC, all opinion are wellcome :)
  4. I'm running Gskill ddr2 800 @ 950

    both of those will probably be fine...I'd try to settle in on how you plan to handle your oc

    obviously the faster the ram is rated the more options you will have to end up with a good mem to fsb ratio

    ddr 800 would probably have trouble going much past what I have it running at, but say ddr2 1066 should be able to make it to something like 1200mhz with good voltage and airflow

    That Gskill ram would smoke though in my opinion....if it's rated at that speed you could probably get some nice tight timings out of it....mine went up to 900 @ 4-4-4-12
    yours may do 1000hz @ 3-3-3-9 or 3-3-3-12 I dunno check out the reviews
  5. I can say without a doubt the 780i should be able to do 3000 Hz.. Hell I think 30,000 Hz would be achievable.
  6. Thanks PlasticSashimi :)
  7. it is more than capable of doing 3.0Ghz. the 780i has an automatic OC function too, which makes it easy for beginners. mine's running perfectly, with the exception of a cold boot issue. but i don't think that has anything to do with the overclocking. you're good.
  8. cnumartyr said:
    I can say without a doubt the 780i should be able to do 3000 Hz.. Hell I think 30,000 Hz would be achievable.

    Not the defective ones :pt1cable:
  9. So which 780i board is best? XFX, Asus, EVGA? others?
  10. I had the XFX and could reach 3.6 on my quad with it, but be warned, the 780i chipset starts off with a whopping .06 VDroop which will get up to .08 at the upper VCore voltages. The FSB reached 450 for me, so thats decent.

    I must admit, the forceware and nforce junk for it, you get almost ALL your bios options adjustable, and they work! Via the NVidia control panel. And you can apply most settings on the fly, but some must be applied at the next re start. Its a great function.

    Look how old this thread was, but since you just asked... Now. I believe the XFX and EVGA are the exact same board, so get the cheaper one. They should be similar, just brand flashed to be EVGA and not XFX, but then again, aren't they all just brand flashed from NVidia? As in, NVidia seels all the damn junk, and the people who buy it just flash it with their branding! Now its an EVGA...

  11. @ Lupi
    Hee hee Is that like when I would pencil in the right leg of an F to make it an A for my parents back in grade school??? lol

    I have read and heard that the XFX and EVGA are good boards...I am just very very very paranoid about getting a board now...because I already spent the money for Vista 64. I have read COUNTLESS posts from many forms that Vista 64 doesn't like nVidia based boards...but it could very well be nay sayers...or people doing stuff wrong... IDK I just know I need a new board...and fast. I am trashing my ga-ep35-ds4 board...tooooo much work to just get a baseline stable system...I have been trying for over a month. time to try something new and 780i looks good
  12. Vista 64 was fine, as far as I could tell. If you must use SLI, then its better than the 680i, thats for sure no matter how you look at it. if you dont need sli, then just get a cheap ol' p5k-e wifi and OC to high heaven!

    And yes, the 780i is good. To bad I am a power hunger speed freak! Poor processor needed 4 extra notches of vcore to combat the huge vdroop. And speaking of pencils, if you can find a banish the vdroop mod, you'd be better off!

  13. check out the new evga 750i on newegg if your not planing on going tri-sli it beats out the 780i by far
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