Seagate 7200.10 Raid-0 vs. Single Raptor 74Gig

I have been reading a ton of articles on Raid array's and single drives. I have ran 2 seagate 320gig 7200.10 in a Raid-0 config. for over a year now without any issue. Though to be honest, its a pain in the butt to whip out that fllopy drive everytime i want to re-format my system. Its so simple to do, yet i dread it so much. In any case, i came accross a Raptor 74Gig 16Meg Cache from a friend that has no use of it. (Crazy....) My question is, is this Raptor going to be faster then my Raid Array as a single OS Drive. That way i can decomission my raid and use them as single storgae drives. Or should i just stick with my Raid?
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  1. Hi,

    you can found some benchmark in this review,1562-8.html.

    According to the review, on startup, there is no big difference but you should notify that your raid setup is faster...

    I know that the HDs in the review are not the same as yours and really don't know how they compare to the 7200.10... Are you really reinstall your OS so often? You don't mentionned your mobo but you could use a USB stick or a CD...
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