Turning Off Hard Disks in Power Options - A Mistake?

Does anyone have an issue with turning off their hard disks in the Display Properties / Screen Saver/ Power Properties dialog?

For years I've set this option to turn off my hard disks after about 30 minutes of idle time.

My reason is partly power saving but primarily to reduce long term ware on the drives.

What I'm wondering if anyone has had any unexplained malfunctions that may be attributed to this feature.
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  1. To be honest depending on how often you turn them off and back on again, youll actually put more wear on the drives with it on.

    See hard drives consume the most power in startup phase. This along with the constant stoping and starting will stress mechanical parts more than if they were to spin the whole time.
  2. Yeah, that good info about the wear on the drive.

    But, I suppose part of my question also has to do with the OS requesting data that may be unavailable for a few millisecond until the drive spins up to speed and is able to seek and transfer data.

    I'm wondering if some apps deal with this better than others, and the ones that don't may cause some instability in the OS.

    I suppose if this had been an issue, it would be more prevalent in laptops, so that answers my my question.

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