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one last question before i buy my LCD(need this answered quick plz)

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October 17, 2007 7:44:02 PM

i went to futureshop to just look at some LCDs, and i found the LG TW-216Q or someting i don't remember, which is pretty much the identical panel to the Syncmaster 226BW that i am going to buy. it looks great, but when i looked at it for more than a minute i saw that around the objects on the display there was like a halo, sort of a "ghost" image. is that because the monitor for display is probably of cruddy quality or is that what i'll be seeing on my monitor when i buy it?

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October 17, 2007 8:48:06 PM

It's probably a 21.6" model. Samsung has a 216BW model at 21.6" too, I just bought one recently and it's nice. I read somewhere that 21.6" is actually a smarter buy than 22", but I totally forgot why. It was something to do with quality, as in there was something wrong with the 22" models. Sorry for spreading FUD, I really wish I could remember. Maybe it was that thing about "C" panels...

Edit: anyhow, I got an LG 20" and a Samsung 21.6" side by side, surfing on teh Samsung and watching movies on the LG, or just watching movies on the Samsung, or playing on the Samsung. All combinations work well. I don't really prefer one to the other. The one thing I noticed is it was hard to get the same color scheme with both. That is, I went to the nVidia Control Panel and adjusted colors and brightness and so on, same numbers for both monitors, and they looked different. If I remember right I turned brightness down a bit more for the Samsung to get them to look the same.

Edit 2: I don't see any halos. It could be that the image persists on that shop's monitor because they left it there unchanged for weeks, and if you buy a model like that you'll be fine. What I did, also at Future Shop, was to ask to try it. I unpacked the monitor and plugged it in to one of their PCs, then played with it a bit. A good way to test a monitor in 2 minutes is to open Paint, set image attributes to 2000/2000, fill it with black, view it full screen, repeat by filling with white and then with red. If it has dead pixels you'll catch them that way. Check for ghosting by playing with the fancy screensavers like Pipes for example. Anyway, you can return it for 14 days at FutureShop in the US too, right?
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October 17, 2007 8:55:44 PM

The 216BW is currently the cheapest out of the 206BW, 216BW, and 226BW but its a 5ms panel as opposed to a 2ms with the other two.

October 17, 2007 8:57:10 PM

Does that matter?
October 17, 2007 9:29:07 PM

Hehe love that sig aevm - never heard that one before.
October 18, 2007 1:17:09 AM

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