New system MOBO power plug issue !!

I've got a MSI P6N Platinum that has a 8-pin CPU power connector. My PSU (AEROCOOL ZERODBA S620 RT) only has a 4-pin power plug. I've heard of some boards that won't take a 4-pin plug and won't even accept a 4-to-8 adapter. Anyone familiar enough with these parts to tell me I'm crazy? If I can use the 4-pin plug without an issue, which 4 should I plug it into?

Thanks for the help.
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  1. Thanks paq, I ordered that part with rush delivery... then cancelled it! Found out that the P6N board works just fine with a 4-pin plug if your PSU is up for the job (mine is). I guess thats why they put a little plastic removable tab over the other 4-ports - wish they would have said that in the book!

    I'm leaving the thread up since since I found out, through my endless forum searching, that it is a really common question.

    Thanks :)
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