Microsoft office 2010 doesnt work

Well im having an issue here with office programs not wanting to start anymore. Heres how i managed to get into this mess.

Couple days ago i encounterd an icon issue with some of my programs and one of them was word, at that time all my office programs were functioning fine, but it was the fact that my icons didnt show up that caused me to unintall the program from my machine. At first when i double clicked the program in control pannel it was going through the process fine until it came to an abrupt end saying there was some kind of error - cant recall what it was- and i was puzzled and went to diagnose this issue by searching with google.
I had to use this program from microsoft fix it to uninstall the program, however once i did I could not install the program again. Now i was starting to worry a bit as i had no way of getting the program back; because im a student i need to have word and all the other programs in order to do my work.
The first thing that hit my mind was to undergo a system restore and push the system back to the earliest point which was the day that i had encounterd the problem.
Once my system sucessfully restored, i noticed that everything was it was on that day so i assumed that office was working again, unfortunately it didn't as this time it went through a first time setup and after 30 seconds or more it went to another setup and another 30 secons later it said i didnt have enough ram or disk space which is absurd as i have plenty of space: 625gb free hdd space and usualy i have roughly 6gb of ram free.

So if you can help me out here guys it would be realy appriciated, back to school next week so i need to get this solved quick.
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  1. never mind managed to fix it myself by uninstalling all office applications through a microsoft fix it program, then reinstalled office
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