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Did you see yhe new review on
Nice card!!!
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  1. NOOOOOO! I demand a link...
  2. THANK YOU!!!!!
  3. Thanks man, great find. ^.^

    Edit: It really sucks they all they could use were P.O.S. cards to compare it to. Where is the GTX, lol?

    Edit Again: Well, it looks like I will be picking up one of these cards pending the reviews of the RV670s. The thing that really concerns me is the cooling though. I am not looking to add an after-market cooler.
  4. Looks pretty promising. I would still like to see a new high end card but this is pretty sweet.

    It looks like after market cooling might be a good idea to keep the temp and the noise low.

    I wonder if we could see a greater performance increase on a PCI-E 2.0 board.
  5. Whoo hooo!


    I'm in the middle of building a new system and was waiting for reviews.

    Man, their server is going sloooooooow.
    I hope it doesn't crash before I get to the benchmarks.
  6. Quote:
    The connection has timed out
    The server at is taking too long to respond.


    Well, the 3d marks looked great. Where's my wallet?
  7. hell of a buy for 250. My next card here.
  8. great find, thanks! I can't believe how much noise/heat it was making though.
  9. Judging by the 3d marks and the stats compared to 8800gts, this card pretty much comes in par with the GTX no ?
  10. i wonder tomshardware aren't going to make a review on 8800gt?
  11. Wow I almost bought the 8800gts looks like ill have some extra cash maybe for 2 in sli.!!!!!!!
  12. I just wish they would use a 8800 GTS 640. Those high resolutions is what killed its low vram predecessor. At least from what ive heard 512 MB is needed for resolutions above 1280x800. Id like to see how much faster it outperformed the 8800 GTS on higher resolutions.
  13. Shoot, performance is great, but Heat/noise jumped out at me too. I am not a fan of single slot cooling, and this review shows some reasons why. If I can find one with a decent non reference two slot cooler, I will buy one if the price isn't too bad. Otherwsie an after market cooler is a must in my case. Hmm now I am hoping for the new GTS to kick the GT's butt for less than $100 more.
  14. now we all wait too see what AMD's got up its sleeves
  15. nice card.. burned the gts down to the ground... can't wait for the TH review
  16. The link kept timing out on me. I wonder if the 256 is going to be cheaper than the 512 model?
  17. physx7 said:
    The link kept timing out on me. I wonder if the 256 is going to be cheaper than the 512 model?

    no , actually it will cost more
  18. Yeah, it will be less. The question is: how much less? Evidence show that it will be about $50 cheaper than the 512Mb version.
  19. thank you very much for posting that link!!!!
    there's a 256 mb version too?-never knew!
  20. Come on Toms..
    Benchy time. This 500 meg nvid vs the 2950!
    Iron Nads
  21. hot at 19/12 hundred! Makes me question the actual impact of memory above 1600 ..
  22. I think I already know the answer to this, but thought I just throw it out there.

    Do you think the new cards will pass the 2.5 PCIe mark?
    Hopefully somebody will benchmark with an X38 board.

    Probably just high hopes on my part.
  23. I wonder if two GT's will be better than one GTX ? Plus I wonder if all of the 3x SLI mb's come out if 3 of these puppies with be best bang for buck ? I guess the question is would 3 GT's be better than one Ultra price/FPS
  24. The thought of tri-SLI is perhaps the scariest thing I've heard. I think SLI is a stupid idea except for a very few, but Tri-SLI?

    Hope you have a 320 plug and massive fans.
  25. and other companies usually are cheaper so 280 down
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