My Dominator Ram died for the second time, Is Corsair no good?

For the second time in just 6 months my Corsair Dominator RAM has died. Is there some problem with the Dominator Ram's build quality or something? Is this just bad luck?
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  1. What can I say? I had two sets of Corsair ram die in a row on my computer. I bought some OCZ and it has worked perfectly since. Sometimes there is just bad luck. Was the Corsair ram bad or was my motherboard picky about what it would accept? I can't answer that question.
  2. As Sailer wrote it could be a number of things. Corsair is a good company and makes quality products, although a little overpriced in my opinion. Every company has some duds and it could just be bad luck but I would be wary of trying a third time. I am currently running Mushkin but up until now I have always used Crucial and I think both companies are outstanding.
  3. I should say something as a balance point. I have four computers and two of them have Corsair ram and work fine. I've used Corsair ram for the most part for the past six years without problem. But the last two sets I had failed. Again, I can't say for sure if it was the ram or the motherboard, only that it failed and the OCZ worked in that particular computer.
  4. Well I've had other systems with Corair and they where fine, it's just the recent stuff thats failing on me. I might give G.skill or OCZ a go instead of more Dominator. They seemed to do well in the recent review THG did.
  5. Try Crucial. I've used it for years and have yet to have a stick fail.
  6. I've been using Corsair Dominator for about a year now. No problems so far.
  7. wintec
  8. Cruical or Kingston all the way
  9. Can you give a few details on your system and bios settings, etc?
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