Graphics Card Problem [Extending Desktop]

Well, I currently reinstalled an old Graphics Card I had, Nvidia GeForce4 MX 4000.
Only problem is that it has one VGA output on it.

Now, instead of the TV I would rather have another monitor to extend my desktop on.
But, my motherboard's VGA "Cannot Start."

Could anybody help me figure out this dilemma, I'm trying to avoid buying anything new at the moment.
Or, is there simply nothing that I could do?
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  1. If you are talking about running on board graphics and a VGA card together, I don't think it's possible.
  2. Yikes, thanks...

    So, should I just go and install another graphics card?
    Or, is that too much power?
  3. You might get more replies if you posted your full specs, including the brand and model of your PSU.
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