Can’t open my database files of Visual FoxPro

I have been using Visual FoxPro from last two years. I’m working as database administrator. But I never ever faced such a situation in my past what I got last night. I was working on a database file from last few months but last night (I was on night-shift) I couldn’t open my file. An error popped up telling me that something wrong with my database’s index. My database file is around 64 MB and it really contains lots of data which shouldn’t be missed anyhow. I really don’t know how to troubleshoot it. Please help. :(
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  1. hi
  2. koumotodragon said:

    What is this "hi"? I'm not here for introducing myself.
    And what's that link? :fou:
    If you can do something related to my issue then help me otherwise......!
  3. CGW said:
    As you said that you are a database administrator then you must have backed up your database files. If you have a valid and updated backup just restore that database file from it. But if not then you need to do this: just create a new database file and import all the data and file objects from the old one to new one.
    Hope it will for you. ;)

    It can be said my bad luck as my back up is unable to restore that database file.
    "Importing all the data and file objects from old one to new one" sounds good. Can you tell me how to do this? Your work will be really appreciated. :)
  4. Is it safe to import the data and file objects from old database file to a new one? My database is very large in size.
  5. CGW said:
    Don't worry. It is safe but however make a backup again for that database file.
    Just visit this page
    Hope it will help you. :)

    I tried it but still the problem is "on" with my database file........anything more you can see here?
  6. CGW said:
    You need to use a software recovery application. I read about one, here is the link of an article:
    You must read this article before go for any application. ;)
    Hope you'll get what you are looking for. :)

    Thanks for sharing this article with me. SysInfoTools DBF Repair worked nicely. I never could fix this if I didn't read this one.
    Thanks a lot!!!!!!!!!!
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