Need help with choosing Hard Disk

Im getting a new comp and I need a well priced and fast hard disk for music production.
Any recommendations?
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  1. How much storage do you need?
  2. I'd pick WD6400AAKS (640GB). One of the highest densities/platter ever, this makes it great for handling huge wav files.

    Seagate's 7200.11 series is also great but it costs more per GB.

    The WD7500AAKS (750GB) is also very fast.

    The Samsung Spinpoint F1 1TB is very fast too, but there are some complaints about its reliability.
  3. We'll need a few details:

    What's your budget?
    How much space do you need?
    Are acoustics important (quiet drive)?
    Would you benefit from RAID (dealing with large file sizes, and you have a good backup plan)?

    Edit: aevm beat me to it. WD6400AAKS is probably what OP needs.
  4. well yes I need it quite and my budget is around 100 - 150 $.
    I think 500gb will be enough just yet
  5. All right. WD does not have a good 500GB drive. I have the WD5000AAKS myself and I don't recommend it. Your best choices AFAIK are Seagate 7200.11 500GB and WD6400AAKS. The WD is cheaper per GB and faster. The Seagate has a longer warranty and has been around longer. Your choice. Both are good anyway.
  6. Im thinking of two WD3200AAKS one for projects and audio files and the other for gaming.
    Is that a good idea?
  7. You might get the old version of the wd3200aaks, with two platters, and slower than the new version. Also, it's cheaper to get a 640gb and partition it.
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