does mobo chipset matter in non-SLI/XFIRE configs?

I'm putting together a new machine but I'm pretty undecided about which GPU I'll be using. Like most, I'm waiting to see how the 8800GT compares to ATI's mid-nov offering.

I have no intention of doing SLI/XFIRE on this build. Will it be a problem running a single ATI card on a SLI MOBO or vice-versa?

Specifically, I've been looking at the P5K-Deluxe (XFIRE) b/c of it's good Q6600 overclocking results but the 8800GT is looking pretty good and I'm worried that I'll be forced to use an ATI card. I know in theory it shouldn't be a problem but I want to hear some real-life opinions/stories.

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  1. I't shouldn't be a problem at all. Should work fine since your not planing on using dual graphics cards if you were then you would either have to look at a new mobo or ati graphics card.
  2. It's not a problem running a single ATI card on an nVidia chipset or vice versa, the only thing you have to consider when using a single graphics setup are the chipset features, like will the chipset on the mobo support RAID if you want to RAID or if it has the highest FSB (Intel chips only) if you want to put in an EXX50 CPU... and the first basic point of will the CPU fit the socket (;
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