Any Last Minute Adjustments To My New Build Before I Purchase It?

Hi folks, I need some suggestions on any last minute adjustments to my system before i purchase it:

Thermaltake VA7000SWA Shark Aluminium Full Tower - Silver
Asus P5N32-E SLI 1333FSB
Intel Core 2 Quad Pro Q6600 "Energy Efficient 95W Edition" 2.40GHz 1066 MHz
Geil 2Gb DDR2 800 CL4.0 Dual-Channel Met Orange Heatsink
Seagate HD Serial 500Gb UDMA300 7200rpm
Asus 16x "1814BLT" SATA DVD Burner Silver 16x +/- Dual & 8x +R Dual Layer
Thermaltake W0103RB PSU 600W TOUGHPOWER RET
XpertVision Nvidia GeForce 8600GT PCI-E 256Mb SLi

The above spec will set me back about £650, so i don't have much more to spend on it for improvements, another £50ish, on the gfx card most likely...?

Many thanks.
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  1. What games do you play? If none, the 8600 is overkill. If you do, try to squeeze as good a gaming card as you can into this build. Even lower the psu or the ram.
  2. Save some money on the mainboard as you obviously dont need SLI

    Gigabyte board good single GPU usage for cheap

    If you are a gamer go with the board above and that should almost give you enough for an 8800gts if it dont consider dropping the Q6600 to the e6750 which will give you some more money for the GTS
    If you dont game then stick with what you got.

    It would be helpful to know what you are using this for
  3. Hi, i will be using this board for video encoding and gaming like, Juiced 2, Sega Rally, Pro Evo 08, Need for Speed ProStreet, :D Gears of War and Crysis :D when they comes out etc.

    I will be able to buy much better cards in the near future for SLI, just not for the moment. All i want to ask is for suggestions on the best system for the money i have for now (£700 ish). Graphics cards are always changeable as long as i have the main "basics" i.e. good CPU, mobo and ram.

    Hope this clears a few matters, thanks.

    I have it sitting next to me and I utterly despise it.

    This would be a better of these..

    ....I purchased the thermaltake shark with a thermaltake bigwater liquid cooling system. Ended up trashing the liquid cooling system after a year as it degraded and was a POS. Regarding the case...very annoying. I can't even close the case door without worrying about breaking the SATA connectors off my hard drives...It's just not worth the money or the cooling. Get one of the armor series I linked above. The window one with the large fan would be nice..Or the non windowed version if you dislike the taste. They have a mixture of 90mm and 120 mm fan slots...the shark only has two 120 mm fan slots. One in the front and on in the back. But with the armor you'll get much better cooling as well....


    Regarding the memory. It uses d9 microns which is a plus. Are you going to be gaming or no?..If so you'll need a better video card..If not the one you chose should do the job could even go lower...choice is yours on that. But why get a SLI mobo? aren't going dual graphics or have sli certified memory....You may as well nab a Asus p5k based mobo or a Gigabyte 2 cents..
  5. So you will sli down the road, but not now due to cost. How about a cheap 650i mobo? The 8600 won't play games smooth with maxed out settings. You can build a 700-quid gaming rig around 8800gts. There are a few threads like that in here.

    I'd either get a 650i mobo (cheap) + 8800gts or a cheap P35 mobo + 8800gts, & when it comes time to upgrade video, I'd upgrade to a single 8800gtx/ultra, etc. & sell the gts to get some money back.
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