best ddr 1066 for my mobo plees

hi THG i am in the market for sum new ddr8500 but i would like sum advice on witch kit to go with.
i meen i dont want to have to take them back be cus my hardwair stor is crap and far to go on the bus lol. i have posted befor but i did not get much of a respons, i have a p5n32 SLI e + and i would like to no wat brand will werk. i have herd that sum people have bort ddr1066 got it home and then it has not werked so thanks in advance
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  1. budget ? why are u insisting on DDR2 1066, why dont u get DDR2 800, its cheaper and it performs very very close to DDR2 1066 and it OC's very well too
  2. Agreed.
  3. just want that bit of extra performance
  4. This might help you:

  5. thanks but wat i would like to no has sum one got sum ddr 2 1066 in the same bord as me and how dus it perform. thanks for the replys
  6. I could have sworn I read something about people running their 1066 memory at 800, since their machine were having problems?

    Some people pretty much insisted that the manual even states to run 1066 memory at 800 speeds. :lol:

    Gawd... if I could run my DDR2 800 at advertised speed, my E4400 would be running at 4.ghz. :lol:. o O(my tuniq is on fire!! help!! help!!)
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